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El Aero's Fleet

The aircraft that is right for you is the one that is best suited for the job you need accomplished.

Aside from a specific preference, it is best to discuss your itinerary with the dispatcher, and we will recommend the aircraft that will most efficiently satisfy your needs.



El Aero Services has provided helicopter services to Northern Nevada and the Intermountain West since 1973.  We offer Bell Helicopter 206 Series L-4TR Long Ranger and Bell Jet Rangers.  Our Bell Factory Trained Pilots are ready to help you complete your job in the most professional, economical and safest manner.

Whether for work or play, El Aero's fleet of Bell Helicopters and experienced pilots await you.

El Aero specializes in:

Mineral Exploration
Geophysical Surveys-Magnetometer, Electromagnetic, Gravity, etc.
Gravity Surveys
Claim Staking
Aerial Mapping
Real Estate Inspections
Aerial Photography / Videography
Wild Land Fire Support
Aerial Rehab Seeding and Material Placement -Including Kochia, Sagebrush and Erosion Control Material
Environmental and Mineral Exploration Surveys (incl. Raptor, Sage Grouse Surveys and Nest Site Surveys)
Livestock locating and gathering
Natural Resource Exploration
External Load / Longline Projects
Powerline / Pipeline Monitoring
Repeater Site Maintenance Support
Precision External Load Operations for construction and site maintenance

Bell Jet Ranger

Bell 206 BIII

Passenger Capacity: 4
Max Takeoff Gross Weight: 3350 lbs
Usable Payload of up to: 1000 lbs
Cruise Speed: 95 kts
Range: 300 nm

Bell Long Ranger

Bell 206L-4TR

Passenger Capacity: 6
Max Takeoff Gross Weight: 4450 lbs Internal: 4550 lbs External
Usable Payload of up to: 1350 lbs
Cruise Speed: 110 kts
Range: 300 nm
High Altitude Tail Rotor

Fixed Wing

Cessna 414 Charter

Cessna 414 - Twin Engine Aircraft

Passenger Capacity: 5 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 200 mph
Range: 900 nautical miles

Cessna 206 Charter

Cessna 210 - Single Engine Aircraft

Passenger Capacity: 3 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 180 mph
Range: 600 nautical miles

Cessna 206 Charter

Cessna 206 - Single Engine Aircraft

Passenger Capacity: 3 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 150mph
Range: 520 nautical miles

Cessna 414 Charter

Cessna 172 - Single Engine Aircraft

Passenger Capacity: 3 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 120 mph
Range: 440 nautical mile



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