Flight School

Flight Instruction / Aircraft Rental

El Aero Services specializes in professional flight training and aircraft rental. Our experienced instructors have trained numerous people to fly for fun, for business and for careers in aviation.

Whether you are just learning to fly or advancing your skills, El Aero has a history of delivering safe, quality instruction.
Learn to Fly with El Aero, call 775-738-7123.

General Courses available:
Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor (Airplane or Helicopter*)

Specialty Courses available:
Helicopter – Mountain Flying, Long Line, External Load, SAR, LEO Ops

Ground School

El Aero courses teach you everything you need to know to pass the FAA written test.  Additionally, the courses are designed to go well beyond the FAA-mandated curriculum and include an emphasis on safety and operational issues. While we make sure that all students are prepared to successfully pass the FAA knowledge test, we encourage our students to be thoroughly grounded in theory and practical understanding. We pride ourselves on quality instruction from experienced instructors and allow for plenty of time for questions and interactions with classmates, as well as hands-on experience with airplanes in our maintenance hangar. You will feel confident that, no matter what the FAA may ask on the written test, you will be able to answer.

Upon completion of your course and a score of 80% on the Final Exam, you will receive an endorsement from one of our Certified Instructors to take the FAA’s written test.

*Helicopter Instruction available in your aircraft or ours (Bell 206 Series)

Cessna 172 – Single Engine Aircraft
Passenger Capacity: 3 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 120 mph
Range: 440 nautical mile
Cessna 210 – Single Engine Aircraft
Passenger Capacity: 3 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 180 mph
Range: 600 nautical miles
Bell 206 B3 & L4
Passenger Capacity: 4/6
Max Takeoff Gross Weight: 3350/4550 lbs
Cruise Speed: 95/110 kts
Range: 300 nm